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We are a team of three and growing.

Please feel free to email us at: hello@abeillewraps.com 

Sales & Wholesale Enquiries

Stacy Reardon: sales@abeillewraps.com

PH: 416-995-8640

Custom Organic Cottons

Coming soon


Made in Canada


Made in Canada


Abeille Wraps are the cutest and I’ve used mine every day for the last 4 months and they are as good as new! Thank you. 

Joanne Palnerin

I bought everyone I know a set of these for Christmas! I want to collect all of the Abeille Wraps it hard to pick just one! 😁

Travis Copeland

Love the Canadiana sets!  Apparently, I bought them all... sorry everyone.

Thank you for my free shipping. 

Donna Bell

Love these! The first item in a long time that I have tried and has been right on point! Can’t wait to get more!

Missy Lynch-Compton